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A report concerning democracy made by the representative, ombudsman, of the Chydenius-foundation has been given to the Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality

Published: 21.08.2020

On Friday the 21: Th of august the Anders Chydenius foundation took the initiative to further the democratic intercourse in co-operation with Hanaholmen, the cultural centre for Sweden and Finland. The report “Demokratia osana kestävää kehitystä – aloite pohjoismaisen demokratiakeskustelun edistämiseksi”, written by Mr Juha Mustonen, ombudsman, representative, of the Anders Chydenius-foundation, was also published on Friday in both Finnish and Swedish.

The report was submitted to Mr. Thomas Blomqvist, Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality, who found this initiative to be very welcomed. “The further development of Democracy is an important goal for Finland during our chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The initiative of the civil society itself, with regards to the further development of the democratic intercourse among the Nordic countries themselves, is also very welcomed” the minister also stated.

The book tries to describe the internationals discussions, with regards to the present status of democracy which at this time are ongoing, and which also need to be continued, since all reports concerning the international status of democracy show a downward going trend. At the same time more “new” and dialogical elements of democracy are also needed alongside the “traditional” representative democracy. The topicality of this issue is further underlined by the ongoing discussions regarding the vulnerability of the democracy and the development of the constitutional states amid the ongoing discussions regarding the global Covid 19-pandemic, according to the Ombudsman, representative, Mr Juha Mustonen.

The Chydenius-foundation and the Hanaholmen- cultural Center for Sweden and Finland both which to further the proposal of the forming of a joint Finish – Swedish co-operation forum together

The Anders Chydenius- foundation and the Hanaholmen Cultural Center, which have published the report, both find the 50: Th anniversary of the Nordic Council of ministers to be a natural opportunity to also house discussions regarding the Nordic democracy and it´s status in the world of today. . During the year 2021 Finland will also be having the chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Furthermore Sweden will also be celebrating the 100: Th anniversary of getting the general right to vote in 2021, The Åland-islands will also start their own 100: Th anniversary in remembrance of getting their Self-government autonomy in 2021.

In his report the Ombudsman representative proposes that a joint democratic co-operation would be started between Finland and Sweden. Mr Björn Viktström, the chairman of the board of the Anders Chydenius-foundation, and Mrs Gunvor Kronman, the CEO of Hanaholmen, the cultural centre for Sweden and Finland, want to further the idea of forming a joint Finnish -Swedish delegation, this idea was put forward by the Ombudsman representative.

We wish to thank Mr Juha Mustonen for putting this initiative forward; this initiative will also aid the further development the path of our democratic future even after we have left the corona.-crisis behind us. The Foundation and the Cultural Centre have furthered the co-operation between Finland and Sweden for many years in the field of freedom of speech. This is also the reason why we also want to take on this challenge together. Together we will advance the idea that this forum could become a platform which could promote the democratic intercourse between and amongst the Nordic countries Viktröm and Kronman state in the foreword of the publication

The discussions continued in Kokkola

The discussions regarding a sustainable growth and the status of democracy after the corona-pandemic, Continued during the Anders Chydenius Free trade-seminar which were held in Kokkola on Saturday. Guests on this seminar included among other EU-commissioner Jutta Urpilainen, Mika Lintiä, Minister of economic affairs, Kaius Niemi, editor- in-chief of the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, Mika Aaltola, director of the Finnish institute of international affairs, and Petri-Tuomi-Nikula, senior specialist working at Sitra.

The city of Kokkola, the co-op KPO and the Keskipohjanmaan Osuuspankki-bank have all supported the Anders Chydenus-foundation and its free trade-seminars for many years.

As the city of Kokkola is celebrating its 400-year anniversary and as Finland is preparing itself for the chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers, it´s only natural for us to support the Anders Chydenius-foundation in its role as an think tank, which promote the intercourse regarding the connection between democracy and sustainable growth when it comes to building a new future, after the pandemic, Stina Mattila , mayor of the city of Kokkola, CEO Kim Biskop and MD Jyrki Rantala, stated. All of whom also spoke during the seminar held on Saturday.

The goal of the Anders Chydenius-foundation, founded in 2001, is to further the development of the free markets and the discussions regarding the consequences of this, based on the idea, thoughts and traditions of Anders Chydenius, to support the scientific research and to also aid the decision making aimed at this or taken within this field of interest, while also at the same time putting special emphasis on ethical values.

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For further information contact Ombudsman representative Mr. Juha Mustonen telephone number 040 3563782


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