"Virtue is unafraid of daylight, never suspicious of enlightenment and least of all fears any setbacks when that is allowed to prevail."


The Anders Chydenius Foundation, located in Kokkola, was established by the City of Kokkola and the registered relief association for the Chydenius Institute.

The objective of the foundation is to promote discussion on economic liberalization and its consequences based on the ideas and legacy of Anders Chydenius, to support academic research on the topic, and to influence decisions in the field with an emphasis on ethical values.

The foundation works to make Anders Chydenius known as an advocate of open economy and open administration – as an internationally significant pioneer of classical liberalism and the principle of publicity. In addition to publishing the collected works of Anders Chydenius in Swedish and Finnish, along with selected works in English, the foundation has aimed at organizing annually the Anders Chydenius Free Trade Seminar in the summer and the Right to Know Day Seminar in December.

The foundation participated in organizing events for the 200th anniversary of Chydenius’ death in 2003 and for the 250th anniversary of the Freedom of the Press Act in 2016. Events to mark the latter included the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day Conference in Helsinki.

The Board of the Anders Chydenius Foundation

The members of the Board are Björn Vikström (Chair), Aino Sallinen (Vice-Chair), Maren Jonasson, Marko Aittola, Mikael Lindfelt, Jennie Elfving, Stina Mattila, Kaius Niemi and Mika Aaltola.

The foundation’s authorized representative is Anu Rantamäki.


Anders Chydenius

Anders Chydenius Selected Works

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