"Virtue is unafraid of daylight, never suspicious of enlightenment and least of all fears any setbacks when that is allowed to prevail."


Application for master’s thesis grants from Anders Chydenius Foundation

The Anders Chydenius Foundation launches an application round for grants of 1,000 euro. The grants are intended for students writing their master’s theses.

The activities and writings of Anders Chydenius can be characterized as open-minded and diverse. He handled such themes as the freedom to engage in commercial activity, the freedom of expression and religion, free trade, human rights, the position of the working population, and transparency of governance. Expressed in modern concepts, his principal interests included fundamental political, economic and social rights. Many of these questions are topical even today.

The grants are awarded for

1) history research on Anders Chydenius or his operating environment

2) research on issues that Anders Chydenius regarded as important and that are topical also in our present-day society. Priority is given to the freedom and responsibility of market economy as well as transparency of governance and freedom of information. There are no restrictions regarding the field of research.

You can apply for a grant with a free-form application, attaching to it a research plan/topic specification (2–4 pages) and a statement by your thesis supervisor.

The foundation makes grant decisions in June and December.

Submit the application to the Anders Chydenius Foundation, P.O. Box 567, FI-67701 Kokkola / anu.m.rantamaki(at)jyu.fi. Further information from the representative of the foundation Anu Rantamäki by email: anu.m.rantamaki(at)jyu.fi.

The amount of an individual grant is 1,000 euro. Half of it (i.e. 500 euro) is paid immediately after a favourable decision. The other half is paid after the thesis has been evaluated and accepted at your university.


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