"An equitable freedom of writing and printing is one of the firmest pillars on which a free government may rest; for otherwise ... within a few years a horrific darkness will settle over the entire firmament of our liberty."

Anders Chydenius foundation

As globalization faces challenges from various directions, the mission of the Anders Chydenius Foundation to promote discussion on the liberalization of the economy and its consequences is highly topical. If we want to maintain citizens’ strong support for an open economy, it is essential to emphasize our shared values. Chydenius’ principle of transparency is also of great importance today, reminding us of every citizen’s right to know about the exercise of public power – and of the right to express our opinion in public debate. We invite everyone to discuss the meaning of these rights today.

Björn Vikström
Chair of the Board of Anders Chydenius Foundation

Anders Chydenius
Selected Works

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Anders Chydenius

Anders Chydenius
Selected Works

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Thriving Democracy - EU Action and Partnerships to Sustain Democracy

When: Thursday, 18 March 2021 at 14.00-15.30 CET
Where: online Webex platform

9 March 2021

Chydenius Foundation co-founder of Democracy Network 21

Democracy is being challenged by globalization, digitalization and the ongoing COVID-19-pandemic. This is why the Anders Chydenius Foundation is today launching a new network on democracy in co-operation with the Hanaholmen Cultural Centre for Sweden and Finland, Åland Islands Peace Institute and Lund University.

7 December 2020

A report concerning democracy made by the representative, ombudsman, of the Chydenius-foundation has been given to the Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality

On Friday the 21: Th of august the Anders Chydenius foundation took the initiative to further the democratic intercourse in co-operation with Hanaholmen, the cultural centre for Sweden and Finland. The report “Demokratia osana kestävää kehitystä – aloite pohjoismaisen demokratiakeskustelun edistämiseksi”, written by Mr Juha Mustonen, ombudsman, representative, of the Anders Chydenius-foundation, was also published on Friday in both Finnish and Swedish.

21 August 2020

Björn Vikström to preside the Board of the Foundation

Anders Chydenius Foundation at its annual meeting (8 March) elected a
new chairman for its Board. Now the Chairman is Björn Vikström from Åbo
Akademi University: he has previously served as the bishop for the
Diocese of Porvoo in evangelical lutheran church in Finland. The former
rector of the University of Jyväskylä Aino Sallinen was elected as the
vice chairperson for the Board.

8 March 2020

Chydenius Medal 2018 granted to Faktabaari

The 2018 Chydenius Medal was granted to Faktabaari - run by transparency NGO Avoin yhteiskunta ry (Open Society association, Finland) - to mark the outstanding performance on international level in promotion of the principles of openness, cherished by Anders Chydenius, the initiator of the world’s first Freedom of Information Act (1766).

3 December 2018

Erkki Liikanen to preside the Board of the Foundation

Anders Chydenius Foundation at its annual meeting (28 February) elected a new chairman for its Board. Now the Chairman is the Governor of the Bank of Finland Erkki Liikanen, the former EU Commissioner from Finland.

10 March 2017