"The liberty of a nation is preserved not only by the laws but by public information and knowledge as to how they are being administered."

The great Finnish envoy for freedom of speech gets his own comic

Published: 29.04.2016

No well-known publication has been made about the central ideas of Anders Chydenius (1729-1803), a politician from the Finnish town of Kokkola. The comic “Last Words – The Return of Anders Chydenius” addresses this lack and brings forth Chydenius’ role as a leading advocate for freedom of speech and personal freedom in the 18th century. Thanks to him, the world’s first Freedom of the Press Act, eliminating press censorship, was implemented in Sweden. This led to the birth of free press, added pressure for transparent governance and helped the formation of democracy and civil society as Nordic ideals.


The final speech - The return of Anders Chydenius

The idea of freedom bothers Anders Chydenius even in the grave. The world has not become complete nor the people free. Therefore Anders Chydenius must rise from his grave to speak once more. Listening is young Iris, a digital native and social media expert. A flame ignites from the dialogue between the two. They reach a mutual decision on how to promote Chydenius’ legacy as a joint project and how to share it even in places where freedom of speech, religion and of the individual are a mere dream.

Siiri Viljakka and Lauri Tuomi-Nikula:
LAST WORDS - The Return of Anders Chydenius


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