"The liberty of a nation is preserved not only by the laws but by public information and knowledge as to how they are being administered."

Nordic Democracy day

Published: 16.11.2021

Online | 2.12.2021 13:00 - 15:00

Online Webinar, at Hanaholmen, the cultural Centre for Sweden and Finland
Thursday December 2nd 2021, 13.00 – 15.00 EET
Language: Finnish and Swedish


13.00 Opening words
/ Gunvor Kronman, CEO of Hanaholmen, the cultural Centre for Sweden and Finland
Democracy within foreign policy
/ Margot Wahlström, honorary member of the democracy network 21, former foreign minister of Sweden
/ Johanna Sumuvuori, political secretary for the Finish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representing Finland, which at this present point in time, 2021, is holding the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers

Democratic visions –globally and locally
-What does the future hold for our democracy – the Global State of Democracy Report 202
/ Annika Silva-Leander, International IDEA
- Democratic visions from the Kvarken-region – a closer look at the eDelphi-study presented at the Chydenius-seminar which was held in Kokkola
/ Hanna-Kaisa Pernaa, chairman, The Institute for Deliberative Democracy, DDI
- Democratic visions from the Åland Islands – Remarks gathered during the Åland Islands democracy day- event
/ Roger Norlund, Chairman of the Board of the Åland Peace Institute
- Visions regarding the participation of the youth: viewpoints from Sweden and Finland
/ Rosaline Marbinah, Vice-chairman of LSU (TBC), Milla Mäkinen, a representative of YMCA Finland
- Questions / Comments

14.00 Build bridges between researchers and politicians
/ Director Maarit Jaakkola, Centre for Nordic Media Research Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg
Democracy in the digital age
- Is the logic of the algorithms nibbling away at our democracy – what did Cambridge Analytica teach us?
/ Director Veera Heinonen together with Senior specialist Jukka Vahti, Sitra:s democracy and participation-theme
-EDMO NORDIS – How should we update the Nordic information society?
/ Reacercher Anja Bäckman, representative for Data Lab, at the university of Århus & editor in chief Kristoffer Egeberg, a representative for the Faktiskt.no information-service
- The youth and the digital information literacy
/ Mikko Salo, representing Faktabaari EDU, (the Avoin Yhteiskunta-association) & reporter Åsa Larsson, a representative for Källkritikbyrån
- Questions / Comments
14.45 Closing words ”Heading towards a Nordic Hub for Democracy”
/ Thomas Blomqvist, Minister for Nordic cooperation within the government of Finland, at this present point in time, 2021, Finland is holding the chairmanship in the Nordic Council of Ministers
Presentation of the Chydenius openness medal
/ Björn Vikström, chairman of the board of the Anders Chydenius-foundation





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