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Erkki Liikanen to preside the Board of the Foundation

Published: 10.03.2017

Anders Chydenius Foundation at its annual meeting (28 February) elected a new chairman for its Board. Now the Chairman is the Governor of the Bank of Finland Erkki Liikanen, the former EU Commissioner from Finland.

The annual meeting elected also three new members to the Board. Kaius Niemi is the editor in chief for the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Björn Vikström is the bishop for the Diocese of Porvoo in evangelical lutheran church in Finland. Stina Mattila is the Mayor for Kokkola City, the home city of Anders Chydenius.

Professor Sverker Gustavsson from the University of Uppsala (Sweden) continues as the vice chairman for the Board. Other members are emerita rector Aino Sallinen, former State Secretary Raimo Sailas, Deputy CEO of SOK Arttu Laine and human rights expert Kristiina Kouros.


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