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Opening of the Jubilee Year 1.2.
Public festival 1.3.
Main celebration 1.3.
Chydenius on stage
Seminar in Finnish Parliament
Seminar in Swedish Parliament

Anders Chydenius
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FIN-67700 Kokkola
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President Halonen: Globalisation needs Chydenius´ perspective
Chydenius personal history files available*

Shared Freedom - Anders Chydenius¿ ideology on freedom and responsibility in focus during the celebratory year

Anders Chydenius died February 1, 1803 in Kokkola¿s rectory. This year marks the 200th anniversary of his death. Chydenius¿ hometown, the City of Kokkola and its co-operative partners are celebrating the memory of Anders Chydenius by arranging many different events during the year to honour the renown vicar¿s vocation and his ideologies of freedom....


Chydenius personal history files available*

The personal history of Anders Chydenius can now be explored at the website of the Chydenius Foundation. The files on his activities, thoughts and time are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.