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"The National Gain" of Chydenius was published in Italian

The most famous of Chydenius works was introduced to public, as an Italian translation, in Rome, 29 September. The National Gain, in Italian "La ricchezza della nazione", is a clear and concise presentation of economic liberalism theory. It was originally published in 1765, already 11 years prior to "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith.

The event was organised in Villa Lante in cooperation with the Embassy of Finland in Rome. The local publisher is Liberilibri, which cherishes liberal ideas. The publication was translated by Karin Hellbom, who is a Swedish freelancer living in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. The introduction was written by a famous columnist Francesco Forte (photo) - a former Finance Minister, who has worked also as a professor in the University of La Sapienza.

Mainly due to this publication, Chydenius is most of all remembered as an outspoken defender of freedom of trade and industry, the "Adam Smith of the North". Chydenius" views on freedom of trade were a consequence of his general ideology of freedom. According to him, democracy, equality and a respect for human rights were the only way towards progress and happiness for the whole of society.

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