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Finnish-Swedish "Freedom of Information Day" in Stockholm (2 Dec)

Today, 28th of September, the 7th International Right to Know Day will be celebrated by the Freedom of Information Advocates Network in 75 countries.

In Sweden and Finland "Freedom of Information Day" is celebrated on the 2nd of December to highlight the Nordic principle of transparency (offentlighetsprincipen). This is to mark the anniversary of the wolrd´s first Freedom of information act (2 December 1766), which was one of the greatest achievements of Finnish politician Anders Chydenius in the Diet of Sweden-Finland.

This year the Anders Chydenius Foundation in cooperation with the Foundation of Helsingin Sanomat and with Dagens Nyheter (the main newspaper in Sweden) will organise a Finnish-Swedish seminar. The seminar will take place in Stockholm in order to highlight the common Finnish-Swedish history of openness and to mark the Anniversary Year 1809.

The seminar will discuss openness heritage of Chydenius and what to do with it today. One of the speakers will be a Finnish MP and Vicechairman of Parliamentary committee of constitutional affairs Jacob Söderman, who has received the Chydenius Reward for his efforts to promote openness as the former parliamentary ombudsman in the EU. The EU perspective is topical due to the Swedish EU presidency. Other speakers will be editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomat Janne Virkkunen, Swedish pressombudsman Yrsa Stenius, as well as former Chancellor Justice and former Chief Justice Johan Hirschfeldt. Discussion will be opened, chaired and concluded by journalist Barbro Hedvall, professor Sverker Gustavsson and chairman of Anders Chydenius Foundation Gustav Björkstrand.

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