The selected works of Anders Chydenius now in English
The selected works of Anders Chydenius - an outspoken defender of freedom in the eighteenth century Sweden-Finland - has now been published in English.

The book Anticipating The Wealth of Nations. The Selected Works of Anders Chydenius, 1729–1803, released by Routledge on 30 September 2011, has been edited by Maren Jonasson and Pertti Hyttinen.

- Anders Chydenius (1729-1803) has sometimes been called "Scandinavia´s Adam Smith" for his publications in the 1760s. Until now it has been impossible to non-Swedish readers to judge whether this is a reasonable epithet. This collection of Chydenius´ writings provides the answer, says Bo Sandelin (University of Gothenburg) in his review.

The book consists of eleven of the most important writings of Anders Chydenius, an eighteenth century pioneer of freedom and democracy. Thematically they touch upon subject areas such as the freedom of trade and industry, emigration, the monetary system of the Swedish realm in the eighteenth century, the freedom of the press (or as Chydenius said: the freedom of writing and printing), the freedom of information, the rights of the rural working class and the freedom of religion.

The book also includes a comprehensive biography of Chydenius written by Lars Magnusson together with commentaries and explanatory notes to each text.