Chydenius medal was received by Linus Torvalds - the pioneer in open innovations
The Chydenius medal for Openness Merits was established by the Anders Chydenius Foundation. It marks outstanding activities on the international level that promote the Nordic principle of openness.

The first ever Chydenius openness medal was received by the chief architect of the Linux kernel, a Finnish soft ware engineer and an open source icon Linus Torvalds. Now Mr. Torvalds works under auspices of the Linux Foundation as the project"s coordinator for development of the Linux kernel.

The medal for "merit in promotion of openness internationally" was handed to him, 14 December 2007, in Helsinki by bishop Gustav Bjorkstrand, the Chairman of the Board of the Anders Chydenius Foundation in cooperation with Antti Isotalus, mayor of the city of Kokkola, and Johannes Koskinen, deputy speaker of the parliament of Finland.

"Mr Torvalds, the chief architect of the Linux kernel, is one of the most important pioneers in open innovations. His belief that "open source is the only right way to do software" has had a pathbreaking impact on how we today see the role of open participation in development of innovations. Our Foundation wanted mark this significant merit with its first openness medal", said Björkstrand.

Anders Chydenius, a Finnish enlightenment thinker and politician (1729-1803) was a significant defender of open economy and open governance in the 18th century. He played a crucial role in creating the world"s first Freedom of Information Act in the Diet of Sweden-Finland in 1766. The 2 December is thus celebrated in Finland and Sweden as "Freedom of Information Day".