Publication on the World´s First Freedom of Information Act
To mark the 240th Anniversary of the Freedom of Information, the Foundation published a book (in English) titled "The World´s First Freedom of Information Act - Anders Chydenius´ Legacy Today".

240 years ago the world´s first Freedom of Information Act took effect in Sweden-Finland. The Finnish enlightenment thinker and politician Anders Chydenius (1729-1803) played a crucial role in creating the new law in 1766. It abolished political censorship and gave the public access to government documents. Chydenius´ legacy remains topical in the world 240 years later.

This anniversary publication contains a English translation of the 1766 Act, an article of its origins as well as several articles on the contemporary challenges of Freedom of Information.

Introduction: Anders Chydenius¿ Legacy Today
Gustav Björkstrand & Juha Mustonen

His Majesty¿s Gracious Ordinance Relating to Freedom of Writing and of the Press
Translated by Peter Hogg

Anders Chydenius and the Origins of World¿s First Freedom of Information Act
Juha Manninen

Transparency at the Core of Democracy
Leena Luhtanen

Openness and Access to Information in Finland
Olli Mäenpää

Access to Documents in the EU ¿ Freedom of Information ¿Could Fuel Public Discussion¿
Tony Bunyan

The Global Openness Movement in 2006: 240 Years after the First Freedom of Information Law, Access to Government Information Now Seen as a Human Right
Thomas S. Blanton