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CEO Klaus Regling addressed the Anders Chydenius Free Trade Seminar 2012
Finnish-Swedish "Freedom of Information Day" celebrated for the fifth time (2 Dec)
Chydenius’ works introduced to Ambassadors
"The National Gain" of Chydenius was published in Italian
Finnish-Swedish "Freedom of Information Day" in Stockholm (2 Dec)
Finnish-Swedish "Freedom of Information Day" (2 Dec) focuses on Europe

Openness was discussed in the Finnish Parliament

On the 245th Anniversary of the World"s First Freedom of Information Law, 2 December 2011, The Anders Chydenius Foundation together with Finnish Parliamentary Committee for Future and Finnish League for Human Rights organised a seminar on openness of democracy and on legacy of Chydenius....


The selected works of Anders Chydenius now in English

The selected works of Anders Chydenius - an outspoken defender of freedom in the eighteenth century Sweden-Finland - has now been published in English.

The book Anticipating The Wealth of Nations. The Selected Works of Anders Chydenius, 1729–1803, released by Routledge on 30 September 2011, has been edited by Maren Jonasson and Pertti Hyttinen....


Chydenius Seminar: The EU must regain its credibility

During the last three years, the Chydenius Foundation has organised in Kokkola an annual Free-Trade Seminar, which has become a prominent discussion forum in Finland. In 2011 seminar, introductions were given by Finnish Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen, Governor of the Bank of Finland Erkki Liikanen as well as NIB President Johnny Åkerholm.

The seminar took place on the 16th of July in Kokkola, Finland....


OSCE media freedom representative received Chydenius medal

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Miklos Haraszti, received the Chydenius medal in Helsinki, 2 December 2008, for his work to promote access to governmental information.

The medal for "merit in promotion of openness internationally" was handed to him by bishop Gustav Bjorkstrand, the Chairman of the Board of the Anders Chydenius Foundation, in cooperation with Antti Isotalus, the Mayor of the City of Kokkola....


Chydenius medal was received by Linus Torvalds - the pioneer in open innovations

The Chydenius medal for Openness Merits was established by the Anders Chydenius Foundation. It marks outstanding activities on the international level that promote the Nordic principle of openness.

The first ever Chydenius openness medal was received by the chief architect of the Linux kernel, a Finnish soft ware engineer and an open source icon Linus Torvalds. Now Mr....


Finnish-Swedish "Freedom of Information Day" (2.12.) was launched

Anders Chydenius Foundation in cooperation with the Foundation of Helsingin Sanomat (the main newspaper in Finland) launched a tradition of "freedom of information day" (2.12.) in Sweden and Finland by organising a Finnish-Swedish seminar in Helsinki on Friday 30 November....


Publication on the World´s First Freedom of Information Act

To mark the 240th Anniversary of the Freedom of Information, the Foundation published a book (in English) titled "The World´s First Freedom of Information Act - Anders Chydenius´ Legacy Today".

240 years ago the world´s first Freedom of Information Act took effect in Sweden-Finland. The Finnish enlightenment thinker and politician Anders Chydenius (1729-1803) played a crucial role in creating the new law in 1766....


International Seminar on the 240th Anniversary of the Freedom of Information

The foundation organised in cooperation with International European Movement an international seminar on democracy and transparency in the European Union, 1 December 2006, in the Parliament of Finland, Helsinki.

The president of the European Movement and a former president of the European Parliament, Pat Cox, discussed the transparency of the European project....